Exterior Detailing

At Luxury Car Care we offer a variety of exterior detailing options to meet your needs.  Anything from routine exterior maintenance to full paint correction, you decide what you want or we would be happy to help make suggestions based on your desired outcome. Please give us a call to talk about it.

Exterior Maintenance

(2+ hours)

The Exterior Maintenance detail is a comprehensive exterior cleaning and decontamination.  It is intended for cars that have good paint or are just looking for a general cleaning.  This is a great option if you have your car on a routine cleaning plan.

The process starts with wheels, wheel wells and tires cleaned and then the engine bay is cleaned and dressed. Then we do a hand wash using a two-bucket method and PH neutral soap on all exterior paint and trim.  The car is completely decontaminated using Iron-X and tar remover.

A spray wax/sealant is used to finish the paint to a shine and give months of protection.

Prices Starting At: Small $125 | Midsize $175 | Full Sized $225 | X-large $275

Exterior Enhancement

(1-2 days)

The Exterior Enhancement detail is for those that need a refresh for their paint or someone that is looking to enhance their paint but might not want the added cost of a multi-step correction.  Your paint will look clean and fresh, however, it will not correct deeper swirling or scratching already present.

The process starts with our Exterior Maintenance detail for a full exterior cleaning and decontamination.  We then do a one-step polish to add shine and remove minor defects.  All exterior paint will receive this one-step correction.

The paint is then protected with a spray wax/sealant or if you choose you can add one of our ceramic coating options to help add more protection and shine.

Prices Starting At: Small $475 | Midsize $575 | Full Sized $675 | X-Large $775

Exterior Multi-Step Correction

(2-3 days)

The Exterior Multi-Step Correction is where the paint finish takes the next step toward perfection.  For those looking for high clarity and very limited paint defects.

The process starts with our Exterior Maintenance detail for a full exterior cleaning and decontamination.  We then use compound and polish in a multi-step effort to remove scratches and swirls that can be removed.  We will re-inspect the surface and spot treat scratches that remain in an effort to be as defect free as possible while being respectful of your paint clear coat.

Once the corrections are complete the vehicle is finished with a paint sealant or you can add a ceramic coating option

From: Quote ONLY, to be assess with visual examination

Exterior Plastic & Rubber Treatment

The trim on your car is as important as the paint and both need to be cared for. If your black plastic trim is looking old and faded this is the treatment you need.  We will go over all exterior black plastic and rubber trim and treat it to bring back to an almost new look. You can add this service to any of the exterior packages you cho0se. If you would like longer term protection in addition to a great look then you will be interested in our Gtechniq coating option.

Prices Starting At: Small/Midsize $75 | Full Sized/X-Large $100

Headlight Lens Restoration

Headlights don’t get the credit they deserve. Clear headlight lenses increase your safety and they improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. What good is detailing your vehicle if you’re going to leave the lenses yellow and cloudy?

The good news about headlight lenses is that they are correctable. Most newer vehicles have polycarbonate lenses. The problem with polycarbonate is its tendency to yellow and cloud over time as a result of UV exposure. Fortunately, we can bring the lenses back to almost new and recoat for protection that can last about 1 year.

Prices Starting At: Any Vehicle $100 (2 headlights)

Fabric Top-Clean & Protect

Fabric tops require special attention compared to the paint; this offering does that. We will deep clean your convertible roof with Multi-Purpose Cleaner and protect it with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric. I1 Smart Fabric protects all kinds of fabrics from water and oil-based stains. It is breathable and extremely durable and fluorocarbon free.

I1 Smart Fabric AB makes ordinary fabrics waterproof and easy to clean. The water and stain repellent effect lasts for around a year.

Prices Starting At: Any Vehicle $125

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