Tesla 3/Y Interior Upgrade Installer – Unplugged Performance

I didn’t like the white headliner or “wood” dash in my new Model Y. It felt cheap and out of place. That’s why I replaced mine with the Unplugged Performance Alcantara option and I LOVE IT!

Unplugged Performance has developed a piece by piece swap out for all headliner sections with either matching charcoal Alcantara or a custom color. Luxury Car Care is proud to be an Authorized Installer for the Model 3 or Model Y headliner and dash sections. We will remove your entire OEM headliner and replace it with the Unplugged Performance headliner, making it look like the car was delivered that way.

We are able to take all the work out of your hands … ordering, removal, install and return of the original pieces back to Unplugged Performance. A deposit is required for this effort to lock in the order.

Give us a call at Luxury Car Care to find out more information or to schedule some time to come look at our Model Y example.

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